Climate & Nature Crisis

What The Science Says

Scientists tell us, we must act immediately to avoid disaster.

The links below are to reliable, scientific sources, where you can find out the facts about the climate and ecological emergency.

Please look at them and make up your own mind.

NASA – Global Climate Change Evidence

Emergency on Planet Earth

Climate Science from Carbon Brief

8 Things You Need to Know about the IPCC 1.5˚C Report

Based on the science in these documents, do you think governments are doing enough? Do they need to be put under pressure to do more?

If the media won’t report on the big gap between what we need the government to do and what it is actually doing, how will they be pressured to act more urgently?

Watch David Attenborough’s documentary “Climate Change – The Facts”

Watch David Attenborough’s documentary “Extinction: The Facts”

Why Doesn’t The Government Do Something?

Scientists have been warning for decades that humans must change their behaviour to avert the catastrophe of runaway climate breakdown.

Many people struggle to face this alarming reality, especially when it seems far away or when the changes required involve inconvenience or sacrifice. Individual action, although important, is not enough.

Politicians who have the power to lead major change tend to be distracted and slowed down by short-termism and their reliance on support from big businesses and media outlets owned by billionaires – who do not have our interests at heart.

This means the government is not pressured or held to account – instead of doing what we need them to do, they carry on with business as usual along the road to disaster.

Government Committee on Climate Change: “COVID-19 has shown that planning for systemic risks is unavoidable. We have warned repeatedly that the UK is poorly prepared for the very serious impacts of climate change, including flooding, overheating and water shortages.

Despite countless meetings, plans and promises very little has actually been done and the situation is now much worse than it was a few decades ago.

This is why Extinction Rebellion demands that the government and media: TELL THE TRUTH AND ACT NOW


From the UK Government’s own Committee on Climate Change